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From substation designs to retrofitting and modernization, we are your trusted partner in electrical design, paving the way for a powerful future.

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At Vezotech Africa, our Design and Engineering services are rooted in our extensive history of delivering engineering solutions in Transmission & Distribution (T&D) systems. With a specialized focus on detailed substation design, we cater to both greenfield projects and the modernization of existing facilities. Our expertise spans a comprehensive range of electrical elements, including HV cabling, SCADA Systems, earthing, bonding, and substation layouts. When you partner with us, you benefit from our industry-leading design solutions that empower your electrical infrastructure for the future.

The Key to Optimal Electrical Substations:

Creating an optimal new electrical substation or modernizing an existing facility demands a blend of big-picture expertise and exceptional attention to detail. Our engineers and designers take a meticulous approach from conceptual development to commissioning. We prioritize project scope and cost analysis, ensuring that factors like component examination, location, equipment sourcing, siting, and permitting are thoroughly considered. These priorities align with aesthetic, regulatory, and environmental concerns, delivering robust and compliant solutions.

Trusted Consulting for Utilities and Renewable Power Sources:

Utilities, owner engineers, and renewable power sources place their trust in Vezotech for consulting, planning, and analysis of substation engineering projects. Our broad spectrum of expertise caters to traditional power generation and delivery clients, as well as progressive applications. From retrofitting and modernization to transmission and distribution interconnection, relay protection, and SCADA, we offer comprehensive solutions that meet diverse needs.

Strategic and Localized Approach:

Our clients gain the advantage of high-level competency supported by localized knowledge. Our engineers smoothly guide the substation engineering process through design, analysis, and construction, providing a seamless experience. When it’s time to replace or decommission outdated infrastructure, our expert engineers oversee projects with meticulous care for safe decommissioning.

Range of Services

  1. Key Single Line Diagram
  2. Detailed Protection and Metering SLD (Single Line Diagram)
  3. Substation Plan and Section Layouts
  4. Erection Key Diagram
  5. Earthing & Lightning Protection Design & Layouts
  6. Illumination Design & Layouts
  7. Cable Routing Layout and Schedule
  8. AC & DC System Integration
  9. Electrical/Civil Interfaces
  10. Site Visits to Identify Scope of Work
  11. Substation Automation System
  12. Vendor Engineering and Drawing Review
  13. Cable Interconnection Schedule
  14. Foundation Design and Engineering
  15. Structure Design and Engineering
  16. Control Room Building, Guard House Design and Engineering